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TEA  /  A New Approach to Tea

Many enjoy the taste of Chinese tea, while others appreciate it as a stress reliever.  The health benefits to each type of tea is also well known and documented.  But we invite you to consider the tea making itself as meditation, not just an art or ancient tradition.  From the sizzling water to the clay teapot to the traditional music to the color of each infusion, the process in fact lets you be in tune with your 5 senses on a higher level connecting your body and mind.

TAI CHI  /  Beyond the Movements

Some may say the Tai Chi moves may take a few years to master.  But the magic of Tai Chi lies in one’s ability to focus and align with her body’s energy flow (Qi).  The arm and leg movements are just a vehicle to achieve that connection.  Tai Chi opens up our internal channels, clears pain and other obstructions, and conditions our organs to work cohesively.

WELLNESS  /  A Renewed Definition

Wellness is simply living in ultimate harmony with nature.  Wellness builds on the foundation of our body’s internal ability to prevent illness or heal itself from it.  Well-being begins with a balanced lifestyle that respects nature which manifests better physical + emotional health.



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