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Acupuncture treats the body as a whole universe. Its goal is to maintain or restore harmony to every aspect within the human being, as well as between the body and its surrounding environment.  Acupuncture is the art and science of redirecting the flow of energy (Qi) and blood through the body’s channels that transport essential substances to our organs, tissues, and bone structure.  Redirecting the flow of Qi and blood is accomplished by stimulating specific acupuncture points along these channels close to the skin surface.

At TaiHE, we use different methods for stimulating acupuncture points, including the traditional fine metal needles and electro-stimulation among others.  Regardless of the technique, acupuncture is relatively painless and is often accompanied by feeling of warmth and the movement of energy.  When certain points are stimulated, they open a valve so that excess or stagnant Qi can disperse.  If Qi is deficient, then stimulation of certain points may close a valve, so that the essential substances can accrue as needed.  The re-distribution of essential substances throughout the channel systems is essential in restoring and maintaining balance between Yin and Yang.  It helps alleviate emotional disorders, protect the organs, moisten tendons and keep the joints healthy.  Acupuncture replenishes energy on both a physical and spiritual level.


Herbal medicine is a key component in Traditional Chinese Medicine and in our practice.  By combining combining individual herbs into customized formulas we promote well-being and natural remedies to illnesses. The Chinese pharmacopoeia lists over 6,000 different medicinal substances, and about 400 are in common use.  Raw herbs vary in temperature and tastes, consisting of different properties that influence the yin and yang energy patterns of the body.  Herbs can also warm, cool, tonify, and even bring you out of stagnation. 

The traditional method of preparing herbal medicine is as a decoction - a concentrated form of tea.  A modern way of administering herbal formulas is through granulated herbs, which are highly concentrated powdered extracts made from traditional decoctions.  We select and order the finest raw herbs available in North America from certified growers.  The premium grade herbs we prescribe to our patients are properly tested and pesticide-free.  CLICK HERE to learn more about our premium herb selections, their benefits, and how to order.


Oriental herbal formulas may be prepared and taken in a number of ways.  Pre-made formulas are available in the form of pills, tablets, capsules, powders, alcohol-extracts and water-extracts.  We order our pre-made herbal supplements directly from one of China’s oldest and most prestigious pharmacies as well as the most reputable resources along the west coast.


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